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STEP I > Find information of your Nissan VIN
What we need is : VERY IMPORTANT

What is a VIN?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. All vehicles are assigned a VIN when they are manufactured. They are used to uniquely identify all vehicles. VINs are recorded in accidents, insurance records, and when work is done on a vehicle by a body shop, dealership or mechanic.

What does the VIN look like?
Sample VIN : 1 G 1 F P 2 2 P X S 2 1 0 0 0 0 1

• VINs do not use the letter “I” or “O”. These characters are numbers “1” and “0”

1. Nissan VIN number

STEP II > Find the Nissan Parts


Please note

1. Let us know name of parts accurately as much as possible. Even if you don’t know about it, please don’t worry. Let us know about approximate position, shape and function, etc. We will send diagrams later on.
2. Please pay attention to difference between front and rear or right hand and left hand or upper and lower or outer or inner. (e.g. outer door handle for front door right hand)
3. Parts-numbers are not mentioned on the part itself normally. A number on the part itself is sometimes the same as a parts-number, but most of numbers on the parts themselves make us confused.
4. Rough description of a part sometimes makes us confused so much. For example, a description like front suspension. We can’t understand if it’s a front suspension arm or a front shockabsorber.

STEP III > Send Nissan Parts inquiries to our office by e-mail/form.


1. Check the information according to STEP1.
2. Find the parts you need according to STEP2.
3. 3. Send inquires using Nissan Parts Form.